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Mashatu's Photographic Hides

Situated at the easternmost point of Botswana, at the edge of both Zimbabwe and South Africa, Mashatu, which features a main lodge and small tented camp, also boasts three specially-designed photographic hides. Imagine photographing towering elephants safely from ground level, or capturing a sharp, detailed image of a kingfisher's plumage as it perches at the edge of a waterhole.

A photographic hide provides a unique and exclusive way to photograph wildlife in nature, especially at Mashatu, where 92% of the year is rain-free. This semi-arid landscape draws herds of elephant, various predators, flocks of birds and myriad antelopes to the few water sources available, especially during the driest months of May to December. Hides are placed next to these water sources to offer an incredibly close encounter while not disturbing the wildlife.

The permanent elephant hide is a strong metal structure situated mostly underground and camouflaged, putting a maximum of four guests at ground level for unique photographic angles unlike anything possible on a wildlife drive or walk. Recommended camera lenses for the elephant hide are a wide angle 12-70mm lens, a 70-200mm zoom lens, and up to 500mm for high quality close-ups.

There are also above-ground, semi-permanent canvas hides that allow a maximum of three guests and move with the sightings, most often used between January and May at drying waterholes that attract an abundance of birds, from flocks of storks and herons attracted to the fishes trapped in the shallow pools to colorful favorites like the pied kingfisher and carmine bee-eater. Recommended lenses at these hides are generally a 70-200mm zoom lens, and up to 500mm.

Photographic hides can be booked on a half- or full-day basis, including an expert photographic guide who tutors you on light, composition, wildlife-specific photography, basic camera settings, specific settings for back-lighting, motion and other factors, advanced techniques for capturing unique images and feedback on your images.

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