Camp Discovery

A sizeable elephant drinks with his trunk from the bank of the Zambezi River, Chiawa Camp in Namibia, visitors look on from a few feet in their canoe

Chiawa Camp: A Photographer’s Paradise

Chiawa Camp, tucked deep within Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park, is leading the way for excellent wildlife and night photography.

The scenery of the Lower Zambezi is varied and interesting, flanked by a mountain range to one side and the Zambezi River to the other. This creates a stunning backdrop for the elephants, lions and antelopes that you’re sure to photograph.

Chiawa has two photographic hides. A guided bush walk concludes at one of these ground level hides, where you can perch discretely to capture up close shots of elephants coming to drink, playful monkeys and more. Seeing wildlife from camp or a canoe also provides unique perspectives.

The camp has also developed a one-of-a-kind diffusing system for their spotlights. Spotlights used on night wildlife drives can disturb animals on the hunt and impair the vision of herbivores. Chiawa's innovative diffusing process mitigates disruption to the wildlife while also eliminating harsh highlights in photographs and providing a more naturally lit subject.

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Image © Chiawa Camp