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An elephant backed safari walk, four elephants with guests reflected into the water at sunrise, a scrumptious breakfast by a pristene watering hole

Interesting Elephant Facts from Camp Jabulani

Camp Jabulani, famous for its elephant back safaris, is an intimate, six-suite camp in the heart of the Greater Kruger Park. The rescued elephants form a close herd and offer one of the most unique safari opportunities in all of Africa. These majestic creatures are some of the planet's most fascinating, and Camp Jabulani has compiled some interesting facts about them:

  1. The elephant's gestation period is 22 months.

  2. Calves nurse for two years, but they can continue to nurse for three to five years in some cases.

  3. An elephant can hold 2.25 gallons of water in its trunk, which is also used to breathe, smell and pick leaves and fruit.

  4. Elephants convey information to each other through sound about their physiological and emotional state, as well as their intentions or desires.

  5. They communicate with the herd by low frequency rumbling noises that can travel for miles and cannot be heard by humans.

  6. Many seeds not only get dispersed by elephant dung, but have a greater chance of successful germination after passing through an elephant gut.

  7. Elephants have strong individual personalities, affecting their interaction with other elephants, how they're perceived by others, and their influence over the herd, and their popularity. Some elephants are great leaders, while some are not. Some are introverts and some are outgoing and kind.

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