Camp Discovery

Elegantly situated safari camp on the lush western side of the Okavango Delta, dock next to the Delta with boat for wildlife viewing, lounge area

The Jao Safari: Botswana’s Most Diverse

The Jao Concession is situated on the lush western side of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, world-famous for its rich and diverse wildlife populations. A mix of open grassland, dry forest and shallow floodplain, at times it feels more like being on a tropical island than in the middle of the world’s largest inland delta. Here are a few reasons to visit Jao:

  • 150,000 acres of private land
  • Restricted to approximately 35 guest rooms in five distinct camps
  • Botswana’s most sought after wildlife occurs here, from lion and leopard to elephant, buffalo, zebra and giraffe.
  • The elusive Pel’s fishing owl is best viewed here
  • 5 intimate camps to choose from, depending on one’s budget and taste: Pelo Camp, Jacana Camp, Tubu Tree Camp, Kwetsani Camp, and the flagship Jao Camp.

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Image © Dana Allen