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New luxurious sleepout at Ruckomechi safari camp, beautifully lantern lit outdoor bed safely enclosed within the camp, secluded private dining table

New Sleepout at Ruckomechi Camp

Ruckomechi Camp in Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park gets a new sleepout deck!

This distinctive camp features 10 luxuriously appointed tented suites, each with unique stone filled walls and high canvas ceilings, all to keep the space cooled. The en suite bathrooms feature hand-shaped copper sinks, and the decks overlook the mighty Zambezi River.

Now guests have the option of spending a night under the stars in a safely raised starbed deck with mosquito netting and a canopy over the bed, a space for private dining and bathroom facilities.

Try out the sleepout deck on the Classic Zimbabwe safari, or click here to build a Zimbabwe safari from scratch!

Image © Dana Allen