Gorilla Safaris

Photo of a Gorilla

At Natural Habitat Adventures, we consider ourselves "The Nature People" and there may be no greater thrill in nature than to sit amongst a family of endangered mountain gorillas! We have been operating these specialized safaris for well over 20 years and we know the gorilla's home region extremely well. We offer two ways to view these magical creatures in Uganda and Rwanda: on Custom Gorilla Safaris and on Scheduled Gorilla Safaris. On Custom Gorilla Safaris travelers select a route in Uganda and/or Rwanda and then pick and choose their camps via iSafari.com's Safari Planning Tool section. On Scheduled Gorilla Safaris travelers can book a trip with pre-scheduled dates and travel from camp to camp with other guests in the care of Natural Habitat Adventures' expert Safari Expedition Leaders. Itineraries, dates and fees for those Scheduled Gorilla Safaris can be found by going to Natural Habitat Adventures' main web site.