Family Safaris

Photo of a Boy looking through Binoculars

There is, perhaps, no greater family experience than participating in a family African safari! Whether it is an immediate family of three or four, or a multi-generational group of 20 or more including grandparents and grandchildren, the memory of a specialized family safari will remain with the participants for an entire lifetime. There are two ways to take a family safari: Custom Family Safaris and Scheduled Family Safaris. On a Custom Family Safari families can create their own personal adventure by selecting their camps on's Safari Planning Tool. Just indicate the number of travelers in your family on the initial trip creation screen and off you go. Families who choose a Scheduled Family Safari can book a trip with pre-scheduled dates and travel from camp to camp with other families in the care of Natural Habitat Adventures' expert Safari Expedition Leaders. Itineraries, dates and fees for those Scheduled Safaris can be found by going to the Family Adventures page on Nat Hab’s website.