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Start Researching Your African Safari is your custom African safari planning tool for authentic, intimate safari experiences. Read reviews on the finest luxury safari camps, research African wildlife and migration patterns, investigate weather and best times to travel to Africa... then create and share your dream safari with our exclusive online safari journals!

"I will never forget waking up to the sound of thousands of if the great migration were cued just for us." L. Stine, Classic Tanzania


There are as many ways to plan an African safari as there are bird species in Kenya (which is to say lots, as there are well over 1000 bird species in Kenya alone!). So we encourage you to do your research. You can start by checking out the weather and the animals right here: The Best Time to Travel to Africa.

Safari Video

Natural Habitat Traveler Profile

Traveler David Gresham tells how a longtime passion for photography led him to go see the Great Migration on an East Africa safari with Nat Hab. In this personal encounter shared with firsthand images, David describes the magic of being surrounded by wild animals all day, then returning to the idyllic comforts of a safari camp at night.