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Greystoke Mahale and the World's Best Chimpanzee Viewing

Tanzania's Lake Tanganyika is the planet's second largest freshwater lake by volume and the second deepest, in both cases second only to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Just onshore and tucked into the lush forest is the world's greatest chimpanzee trekking within the Mahale Mountains National Park.

This mystical location is best experienced from Greystoke Mahale Camp. Perched on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Greystoke features six open-fronted suites that can make you feel nothing but secluded and away from all the cares in the world. Trek habituated chimpanzees by morning light, then take a dip in the lake or sip a refreshing beverage on the beach. It's a relaxed way to break up any traditional safari while still experiencing nature and a different element of wildlife—one of the world's great apes.

Greystoke Mahale combines best with Chada Katavi Camp in the Katavi National Park nearby. And you can complete the less crowded, highly wild and rewarding western and southern Tanzania circuit by continuing on to Ruaha and Selous, some of Tanzania's greatest parks. Click here to view the Ultimate Southern Tanzania Safari, which surveys each of these four unique, massive and completely secluded wilderness areas.

Images from Greystoke Mahale Camp