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A herd of elephants parade through a lush section of Botswana's wetlands in the green season, elephants water crossing, tusks, baby elephants, Africa

Duba Plains: Photography in Botswana's Green Season

At Duba Plains the green season spans from December to May, when the Okavango Delta's flood waters recede and there is a larger area for wildlife drives, with Duba's fierce and famous lion prides seeking out a wider variety of wildlife.

Duba is famous for National Geographic photographer-filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert's films The Last Lions and Eternal Enemies, leaving no doubt that Duba is a coveted photography destination. So why should you visit Duba with your full camera kit in between December and May...

  1. With less ambient dust, the air is cleaner and photos sharper
  2. Clouds provide stunning depth and contrast
  3. Dark summer thunderheads with bright foreground
  4. Lightening and/or rainbows
  5. Sweeping flocks of queleas dancing in the sky
  6. Better color contrasts at sunrise and sunset
  7. Young antelope births and learning to walk
  8. Optimum time for macro photography, especially insects
  9. Optimum time for bird photography
  10. Bright greens provide great ‘pop’ of color
  11. Longer, warmer days

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Image © Great Plains Conservation