Camp Discovery

Lamai camp room

Discover Lamai Camp's Secret Season

Lamai Camp sits entangled with the contours of a kopje, or rocky outcrop, in the far northern reaches of the fabled Serengeti plains. The views are practically never-before-seen, as you're elevated above the plains-level perspective of most travelers passing through these parts.

With just eight rooms that make up the main camp and an additional four-roomed private camp, Lamai has an intimate feel in an area with few other camps and vehicles. In the off-peak season, typically November to June, Lamai is a quiet retreat far from the crowds, but it maintains a special something in terms of resident cheetah and lion hustling antelopes, sunsets against textured skies that beckon the rain, and utter solitude otherwise hard to find in Africa's popular national parks.

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After following the Great Migration in a comfortable mobile camp, such as Olakira or Kimondo, retreating to the quiet and comfort of Lamai Camp in the 'secret season' caps off a safari perfectly.

Image of Lamai Camp Tent