Kimondo Migration Camp

traditional Camp | Serengeti Nat'l Park, Tanzania

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Kimondo Camp migrates, just as the great herds of wildebeest and zebra do, which it follows throughout the year. Changing locations around Serengeti National Park, from the secluded Lamai Wedge along the Mara River to the wildlife-rich Kusini area in the southern short-grass plains, Kimondo is always ideally located near a menagerie of animals. The camp's petite size and well-planned mobility make it ideal for viewing the Great Migration in an intimate manner.

Photo of Court Whelan

Our Expert Says

Unlike many mobile camps in the Serengeti, Kimondo doesn't venture into the Western Corridor or Grumeti area, it sticks to the North and South, where the real magic happens. It also tracks the herds in such unique and secluded areas as Lamai and Kusini, making it a great option for following the migration... any time of year.

– Court Whelan

Photo: The Camp

The Camp

Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Number of Tents: 8

Kimondo Camp is steeped in the style of a bygone safari era with metal beds, deeply hued rugs, leather folding chairs and wooden writing desks, set beneath draped canvas to welcome the sounds of the African wilds. Contemporary comforts are still present, with en suite bathrooms in each tent, all with flushing loos and safari showers. The central area features a comfortable open-air lounge set beneath canvas, with wooden daybeds and plush cushions, and a common dining tent. Each night guests gather around a campfire over drinks and reminisce about the day's sightings, before a sumptuous dinner. Even on a mobile safari, the meals are delicious and diverse. The camp moves seasonally between the Lamai Wedge, from July through October, and the southern Serengeti, from December through March, following the migrating herds.

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Photo: Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

  • En suite bathroom with safari shower
  • Shampoo, conditioner and soap
  • 220v charging outlets in main area
  • In-room safe
  • Wi-Fi in main area
  • Laundry included
  • Local drinks included (house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Credit cards accepted (Visa and MasterCard)
  • No air-conditioning, hair dryer, telephone, Internet or cellular coverage

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Photo: Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Kimondo is always amid the action. That is the beauty of a mobile tented camp. The Lamai Wedge in the northern Serengeti is the camp's home from July through October. This area borders the Mara River, where one may see herds of wildebeest and zebra crossing during this period. Guests can visit the local Kuria village here for a cultural experience and to buy handicrafts. From December through March, the camp is situated in the Kusini area on the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti, during which time the wildebeest herds gather to simultaneously drop their young in a two- to three-week timespan. Predators always follow, with lots of hyenas and big cats seeking stragglers and weak young animals. Twice-daily wildlife drives are standard, while full-day excursions with picnic lunches can be arranged to maximize the chances of witnessing even more action.

During the famous Great Migration, the wildebeest can be found dropping their young in the southern Serengeti between December and March, and are typically found attempting to cross the Mara River in the northern Serengeti between July and October. The resident wildlife in the park is found year-round. Other typical sightings may include jackal, warthogs and a number of other mammals, birds and reptiles. Exact sightings will depend on rain patterns and wildlife movements.

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Month Max Min Rainfall
January 81° F 64° F 2.2 in
27° C 17° C 56 mm
February 82° F 64° F 2.28 in
27° C 17° C 58 mm
March 82° F 68° F 4.49 in
27° C 20° C 114 mm
April 81° F 64° F 6.81 in
27° C 17° C 173 mm
May 81° F 64° F 4.21 in
27° C 17° C 107 mm
June 81° F 63° F 0.98 in
27° C 17° C 25 mm
July 81° F 63° F 0.79 in
27° C 17° C 20 mm
August 81° F 54° F 0.79 in
27° C 12° C 20 mm
September 82° F 68° F 0.98 in
27° C 20° C 25 mm
October 82° F 64° F 1.42 in
27° C 17° C 36 mm
November 82° F 64° F 2.72 in
27° C 17° C 69 mm
December 81° F 64° F 2.6 in
27° C 17° C 66 mm

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