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Namiri Plains: A Whole New Serengeti

You could say Namiri Plains has been 20 years in the making! Well, it's actually been an idea for just under a decade, no small swatch of time, but it is the first new tourism effort of any kind in this region of Tanzania's Serengeti National Park in the last two decades.

This eastern region of the Serengeti, called Soit Le Motonyi, has been a hub for cheetah research for the last 20 years. There are no established dirt tracks for driving, no other camps in the area, just vast plains broken by the occasional kopje, or rocky outcrop, which are home to amazing big cat populations! It's the wildest experience you can have in this popular park.

Namiri Plains Camp opened July 1, 2014. It's a Meru-style tented camp with more permanence than your typical mobile, yet maintaining the classic ambience of canvas and safari-style bucket showers. Currently offering six tents, the camp will grow to eight tents within the coming year. It's ideal when combined with one of the many mobile safari camps that move with the migration throughout the year, such as Ubuntu or Olakira.

In the first weeks of operation, sightings included six species of cats in eight days! Big cats, including 95 lions, six leopards, and 20 cheetahs were seen, along with smaller cats, such as three wildcats, two caracals, and an elusive serval.

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Image of Namiri Plains tent