Enjoy 2 Nights FREE in Tanzania's Wild South

Elephant herd, Ruaha National Park
Sand Rivers Selous, Selous National Park
Hippo pools, Katavi National Park

Enjoy 2 Nights FREE in Tanzania's Wild South

Travel anytime now through December 21, 2017, and enjoy 2 nights FREE on the Hidden Tanzania Safari, a savings of up to $2,920 per room!

Southern Tanzania is a vast and remote region. Its parks and reserves protect hundreds of thousands of Africa's majestic mammals and birds—but see relatively few human visitors. Encompassing the sense of Botswana’s sprawling wilderness and the presence of East Africa’s immense herds, Tanzania's southern and western reaches deliver the best of both worlds.

At more than 21,000 square miles, the Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa's largest uninhabited expanses. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a third of Tanzania's elephant population and about a third of the world's endangered wild dogs. Maasai lion, thousands of Cape buffalo and throngs of other plains animals abound. Transecting the landscape, the Rufiji River enables wildlife explorations via boat, while walks and safari drives take us out in search of resident predators and giants.

Ruaha is East Africa's largest national park, with thousands of elephants, predators and plains animals sharing a 17,000-square mile protected ecosystem. Wild dog, cheetah, leopard and about 10 percent of the world's lions reside here, along with more than 570 recorded bird species—ensuring morning and afternoon safari drives chock-full of wildlife encounters.

Farther west, Katavi National Park may be Tanzania's best-kept secret. Practically devoid of tourists and teeming with some of Africa's greatest herds, Katavi's location limits access by road. We get there by a short flight from Ruaha, landing in an otherworldly nature sanctuary. Nothing compares to a truly wild walking safari in Katavi, or seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of hippo piled into mud holes as the dry season sets in. Camp under the stars where you might not see another human for days.

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