Camp Discovery

Guides lead a trail of guests via an elephant backed bushwalk next to famed Abu Camp, line of elephants marching through tall grasses, swimming pool

Newborn Elephant at Abu Camp

On November 27th, Kitimetse (or "Kiti"), one of the famed elephants of Abu Camp in Botswana's Okavango Delta, gave birth to her second calf, named Naledi, meaning "star" in Setswana. The proud new mum, Kiti, was originally brought to Abu when she was found abandoned by her natal herd after a crocodile attack. She was treated and gradually taken in by the Abu herd, and she gave birth to her first calf, Lorato, in February 2008.

Abu Camp, known for its unique, in-depth elephant interaction program, prides itself on elephant conservation and research, headed by Dr. Mike Chase, Director of Elephants Without Borders. The ultimate goal of Abu is to reintroduce previously captive, threatened or orphaned elephants into the wild. The program has successfully reintroduced five elephants back into their natural habitat, and researchers continue to monitor the success of these elephants in the wild after release.

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Image of Abu Camp © Dana Allen