Regional Focus

A group of Damaraland Desert Elephants trundles across the baren desert of Namibia as an ostrich runs in the background, desert, sand dunes

Namibia: Where the Wild Things Roam

Namibia isn't considered your typical wildlife destination, as its fame comes more from its goliath sand dunes and stunning orange landscape. If you look closely, however, you'll find reserves teeming with Africa's most sought-after wildlife.

Where Should I Go?

Etosha National Park is the most reliable wildlife viewing area of Namibia, and it truly delivers. Lion, elephant, two types of zebra, black and white rhinos, giraffe, gemsbok, springbok, and many more species are regularly viewed in Etosha.

In the Damaraland and Palmwag areas of Namibia's western half, famous desert-adapted elephant and one of the largest free-ranging black rhino populations in Africa are unique sightings you simply will not find elsewhere.

Okonjima is home to the Africat Project and showcases cheetah along with many antelopes, occasional leopard, and other small carnivores.

The Hartmann Valley and Sossusvlei pack more in landscape, but they can produce sightings of ostrich, gemsbok, and little creatures, like the Namaqua chameleon and other reptiles.

When is the Best Time to Go?

Research rainfall, temperatures and wildlife sightings by region and month with our Best Time to Travel tool.

What Itineraries Should I Consider?

The Classic Namibia safari introduces Namibia in a 10-day journey that can be easily combined with Botswana or South Africa.

For a more complete safari, Ultimate Southern Africa combines the best of these three countries in a three-week safari.

Or customize your safari with the Africa safari planner.

Image of Damaraland Desert Elephants © Olwen Evans