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Situated in the central Serengeti’s secluded Moru Kopjes area, Dunia Camp’s eight, en-suite tents evoke an age of exploration. Tucked under canvas, comfortable beds boast fine linens, and stories are told around a central dining table. Big cats, such as lion, leopard and cheetah, stalk picturesque herds of antelopes, and there is an opportunity to search for the elusive black rhino. Elephant and giraffe tower on the plains, while the Seronera River sustains large herds of antelope year-round.

Photo of Megan Bryant

Our Expert Says

Dunia is a fantastic year-round camp in the Serengeti. While the migration is seasonal, and many camps close in April and May, this is always a great stop in the game-rich central Serengeti for resident wildlife. For a mobile-style camp, Dunia is really comfortable and stylish, but with all the benefits of a traditional canvas tent. It combines perfectly with any mobile tented camp that's following the migration in the southern, western or northern Serengeti depending on the season.

– Megan Bryant

Photo: The Camp

The Camp

Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Number of Tents: 8

Dunia Camp, set close to Moru Kopjes looking over the Serengeti, comprises eight, Meru-style safari tents built upon wooden platforms, each with its own en suite bathroom featuring a safari bucket shower. The spacious tents have large, comfortable beds with fine linens, upholstered chaise loungers, wooden baggage trunks and seating on the private veranda. Each tent has character and style, while remaining very traditional as well. The central lounge and dining tent enjoys the breeze during the day, completely open to the plains. Cozy seating provides space to read or enjoy a gin & tonic with fellow travelers. Meals can be enjoyed around a communal dining table, where guests trade stories and experiences. In the evening guests gather around the fire pit to talk about their wildlife sightings from the day before retiring to a sumptuous dinner fit for a luxury hotel, but created from scratch in the bush.

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Photo: Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

  • En suite bathroom with shower
  • Shampoo and soap
  • 240v charging outlets in room
  • Safe for valuables in manager's office or in some rooms
  • Wi-Fi in rooms and main area
  • Laundry included
  • Local drinks included (house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Credit cards accepted (Visa and MasterCard)
  • No air conditioning, hair dryer or telephone

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Photo: Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Activities at Dunia Camp center around early morning and afternoon wildlife drives in 4x4 safari trucks. Excellent photography can be captured amongst the many animals encountered, with the vehicles allowing close proximity. Hot air ballooning can also be booked to view wildlife and landscape from above—it's best to prearrange this, and it costs extra. Thanks to its central location and the flow of the Seronera River, Dunia enjoys resident wildlife year-round. The kopjes, or rocky outcrops, in this area are popular places to find lion, leopard and cheetah, who sit atop these granite promontories to observe their territories or watch for threats. This is also known as an excellent region to view the elusive black rhino, a rare sighting in the Serengeti as a whole. The Seronera River sustains large densities of animals throughout the year, offering a permanent water source for drinking. Other animals viewed here are giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, gazelles, elephant, hyena, and much more.

During the famous Great Migration, the wildebeest can be found dropping their young in the southern Serengeti between December and March, and are typically found attempting to cross the Mara River in the northern Serengeti between July and October. The resident wildlife in the park is found year-round. Other typical sightings may include jackal, warthogs and a number of other mammals, birds and reptiles. Exact sightings will depend on rain patterns and wildlife movements.

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Black Rhino
Gemsbok / Oryx
Tanzania Serengeti Nat'l Park

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Month Max Min Rainfall
January 81° F 64° F 2.2 in
27° C 17° C 56 mm
February 82° F 64° F 2.28 in
27° C 17° C 58 mm
March 82° F 68° F 4.49 in
27° C 20° C 114 mm
April 81° F 64° F 6.81 in
27° C 17° C 173 mm
May 81° F 64° F 4.21 in
27° C 17° C 107 mm
June 81° F 63° F 0.98 in
27° C 17° C 25 mm
July 81° F 63° F 0.79 in
27° C 17° C 20 mm
August 81° F 54° F 0.79 in
27° C 12° C 20 mm
September 82° F 68° F 0.98 in
27° C 20° C 25 mm
October 82° F 64° F 1.42 in
27° C 17° C 36 mm
November 82° F 64° F 2.72 in
27° C 17° C 69 mm
December 81° F 64° F 2.6 in
27° C 17° C 66 mm

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Photo: Conservation


Dunia Camp has an incredibly small footprint. While striving to be carbon-neutral, any emissions are offset by a local community forestation project. Dunia is also financially involved with the Serengeti Lion Project. The research project has a reputation as being one of the top citizen-run biology projects on the planet. The teams keeps tabs on about 330 lions in the Serengeti, as well as hundreds outside of the Serengeti. This research continues on data collected over the last 40+ years covering 12 generations of lion in the same populations, making it one of the most extensive collections of data on a mammalian species in the world. Dunia provides funding and support to the researchers. The camp also has a hand in the Kamitei Foundation, focused on providing education to children in rural Tanzania. The foundation currently reaches approximately 3,500 children through 10 different schools and has assisted 60 students with scholarships.

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