Safari Planning

African safari, a group of guests with a tour guide views an elephant at close range, proper safari gear, smiling faces at Kuyenda safari camp

What to Wear on Safari

The initial task of purchasing gear for your first safari can seem daunting, but it's really quite simple. We've put together a short guideline on dressing for the best safari experience.

Neutral Colors
This is pretty straight forward. Khaki, olive, tan, brown and earthy greens tend to be your best bets. The idea is to blend into the bush so that wildlife is undisturbed, and you can view them in their natural habitat. Blue is the least favorable color, as it's most visible to the animals and can spook them.

The Topic of Shoes
If you plan to do a nature walk or walking safari, closed, supportive shoes are a must. On a typical safari with short optional walks, a good trail shoe, or even hiking boots, can be your best friend. If you're trekking gorillas or chimps, a hiking boot with good ankle support is best—don't forget your gaiters! In the desert, a breathable Teva sandal can be fine, and if you're only planning to do wildlife drives, these are perfect.

Pants and Fabrics
A zip-off khaki pant can be your best friend in most safari locations, where the nights and early mornings are cool, but the days still get quite warm. Jeans are okay to wear, but when you're limited in luggage weight and planning to have laundry done in camp, a lighter weight zip off pant will be easier to carry and dry faster.

Dispelling the Myth
While Africa is comprised of a lot of desert and can get very hot at certain times of year, it's not always hot. The idea is to layer! Carrying lightweight short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved cotton shirts, zip-off pants and a good fleece jacket is a minimum recommendation. Certain times of year will get cold enough to require a fleece hat, gloves, and a scarf. Most times of year you will peel off the layers as the sun reaches it's mid-day high, and then add layers as it sets in the evening.

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