Review For Tswalu Kalahari

We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 night stay at Tswalu (excellent package deal that included private guide and tracker and the flights). It complemented our stay at another safari lodge in the Sabi Sands/Kruger area. This private reserve excels in its level of customer service. The staff is absolutely wonderful, friendly, and helpful. The food and beautiful accommodations were 5 star all the way. The wildlife viewing is very different from the Sabi Sands/Kruger area where you can get very close to the animals in the range rovers. Most of the animals with the exception of the lions and black rhino and her calf were quite skittish and ran away when we approached in the range rover. In fact, we had better close up viewing of the various antelope and wart hogs from our accommodations (I have a hard time calling it a room, it was more like a very luxurious villa) which had a great view of the watering hole. You will have the opportunity to see the more unusual antelope like Roan, Sable, Tsessebe, and Eland. They do have the very rare black rhino. One of the highlights of our trip was spending some time with their habituated meerkat colony. The reserve actually has 2 separate sections. One which contains the predators (i.e., lions) and the other section contains the more valuable animals such as the rarer antelope and TB free cape buffalo but no large predators. They actually have a person who has the title of "meerkat habituator" who spends time with the meerkats to get them use to people. You may also get to see aardvarks and pangolin depending on the time of year you come. I think Tswalu will complement the traditional safari experience in terms of wildlife viewing, don't come here expecting to see the "big five" and a high density of wildlife. Do come here if you want to see meerkats, unusual antelope, Kalahari lions, black rhino, desert animals like the aardvark, pangolin, and bat eared foxes, and experience an outstanding level of customer service, luxury, and hospitality in a beautiful, remote setting
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