Review For Rwanda

Rwanda is such a truly beautiful country. I have never felt so safe in any of the countries I've visited, and I've visited a few in Africa. This country has learned from terrible tragedy and rebounded in a beautiful way. The people are most gracious and welcoming. It is one of the cleanest countries I've ever seen and all residents take great pride in this. Volcanoes National Park is a piece of heaven. Don't miss the Golden Monkeys, but the Gorillas are the best experience I've ever had. The time you are in with the gorillas sounds short, but the experience, is priceless and worth ever penny! It is a feeling of visiting a family and you are welcomed and a part if it all. Our treks were pretty easy, so don't let some of the things you read worry you about it. Definitely hire a porter and help support the local people. Priceless!!!!!
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