Review For Kirkman's Camp

A wonderful historic old hunting lodge, converted to a safari camp experience. Monkeys, hyena and elephant wandered through the camp while we were there. Enjoyed a nice, cool dip in the pool and eating out on their veranda beneath a large camel's boot tree. Great safaris bouncing through the bush country around and over red bush willows in four wheel safari landrovers. Had several lion pride and leopard sightings plus lots of elephants, giraffe, rhinos, kudus, hippos, impalas, zebra, wildebeasts, waterbucks, baboons, mongoose, warthogs, and black cape buffalos. Birds included hornbills, lilac breasted rollers, coucals, francolins, marabou storks, kingfishers, scop's owl, plovers, and more. The guides, spotters, and staff were great. Our driver was a storehouse of knowledge on the wildlife and the plant life in the area. Only thing that would knock this rating down a notch is that the rooms were nothing special...more like a motel 6 and down away from the main lodge. Still a great safari experience that I would recommend.
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