Review For Little Vumbura Camp

From your own private island, at the tent camp on Little Vumbura, you can do it all...canoe in a mokoro, fish and explore the papyrus waterways by motor boat, photograph the rich wildlife on land from safari vehicles, watch a hippo slosh its midnight snack on your front lawn, have an elephant eat his way around your tent cabin (I have a pix of his eye so close to the tent that, with his 5 inch long lashes, fills the frame), eat in style under a thatched roof, outdoor dining area, be treated to some native music and dancing, experience some unique species like hammerkops, red lechwes, crocs, saddle billed storks, fish owls, and tsessebes, as well as many of the usual big five and birds galore. The staff there is warm and friendly and treat their guests like family. We arrived by boat with them waving a welcoming hello and left with them waving a sweet goodbye from their dock. Our memories of Little Vumbura and the Okavanga Delta are rich and vivid. I would give this versatile and diverse safari camp the highest rating possible.
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