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premier Camp | Johannesburg, South Africa

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AtholPlace Hotel features a contemporary classic style that is elegant without being ostentatious. This gem near the famous suburb of Sandton is tucked away amid green lawns and becomes a tranquil retreat during your African safari. Nearby Sandton has top dining and shopping options if you would like a taste of Johannesburg, or you can relax by the hotel's swimming pool and enjoy a gourmet meal in the intimate AtholPlace restaurant.

Photo: The Hotel

The Hotel

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Number of Suites: 9

AtholPlace Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in Atholl, near the popular suburb of Sandton. The hotel property offers peaceful and beautiful grounds where you can relax after a long-haul flight or in between safaris. This elegant hotel features just nine individually decorated suites, each with an en suite bathroom with bathtub, shower and double vanity. Deluxe suites offer inter-leading rooms ideal for friends or family. Every modern comfort is available to you, including hair dryers, air conditioning, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The central areas of the hotel feature a beautiful, intimate bar and lounge area, library, outdoor seating, and a stunning blue pool surrounded by a deck and sun loungers. The green lawns and large trees give a sense of being outside of the bustle of the city.

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Photo: Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

  • En suite bathroom with tub and shower
  • Shampoo, soap and lotion
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini bar
  • Tea/coffee in room
  • VoIP telephone in room
  • 220v charging outlets in room
  • In-room safe
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-Fi in room and main area
  • Laundry (extra cost)

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Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Johannesburg offers direct access to all of South Africa’s most wildlife-rich game reserves and national parks, as well as most of Southern Africa’s best wildlife viewing destinations.

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Month Max Min Rainfall
January 77° F 60° F 4.9 in
25° C 15° C 124 mm
February 75° F 59° F 3.8 in
23° C 15° C 97 mm
March 74° F 58° F 3.3 in
23° C 14° C 84 mm
April 69° F 53° F 2.1 in
20° C 11° C 53 mm
May 66° F 48° F 0.7 in
18° C 8° C 18 mm
June 60° F 42° F 0.3 in
15° C 5° C 8 mm
July 61° F 42° F 0.2 in
16° C 5° C 5 mm
August 65° F 46° F 0.2 in
18° C 7° C 5 mm
September 71° F 51° F 1.1 in
21° C 10° C 28 mm
October 73° F 54° F 2.9 in
22° C 12° C 74 mm
November 74° F 56° F 4.7 in
23° C 13° C 119 mm
December 76° F 59° F 4.3 in
24° C 15° C 109 mm

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