Sausage Tree Camp

premier Camp | Lower Zambezi N.P., Zambia

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Sausage Tree Camp is the epitome of bush chic, set in a stunning location along the Zambezi River at the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park. The camp provides a civilized approach to a true bush experience with lavish attention to detail. The pristine location and Sausage Tree Camp offer all the wildlife, and all the luxury without all the people!

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Our Expert Says

The lower Zambezi offers a view of an unspoiled Africa. This experience, combined with the luxury of chic bush lodging, is a great reason to head to Sausage Tree.

– Corrin LaCombe

Photo: The Camp

The Camp

Location: Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia
Number of Tents: 8

Sausage Tree Camp epitomizes sophistication and luxury in the bush, despite its wonderfully remote setting. The camp offers eight Bedouin-style white canvas tents furnished with elegant fabrics and Zambian teak. The camp is known for its civilized approach to a true bush experience, evidenced in its lavish attention to detail. Tents have en suite open-air bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, and large teak decks surrounded by mature sausage and mahogany trees. An enormous deck that overlooks the Zambezi River’s reed islands, teeming with wildlife, fronts the central dining and bar area. The large swimming pool is idyllically situated under a canopy of mahogany trees. Since the tents are generously spaced apart from one another, elephants often wander between them as they meander through camp. Sausage Tree Camp's African-inspired fusion cuisine is a highlight, as guests dine by candlelight amid the sounds of the African night in the open-air dining tent or by starlight on the deck. The evenings wind down as guests relax by the river in the glow of a classic campfire.

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Photo: Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

  • En suite open-air bathroom with tub and shower
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion
  • Room fan
  • 220v charging outlets in room
  • In-room safe
  • Central pool
  • Massage treatments (extra cost)
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Laundry included
  • Local drinks included (house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • No air conditioning, hair dryer, telephone or cellular coverage

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Photo: Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Sausage Tree Camp’s location on the banks of the Zambezi River means that wildlife viewing activities take place on both water and land. Elephant, hippo and buffalo are seen in camp daily. Safari expeditions in 4x4 vehicles will likely reveal views of lion, leopard, wild dog, hyena, waterbuck, zebra, impala, bushbuck and kudu. Many of the approximately 500 species of birds are sighted daily, too. Guided bush walks are the perfect way to search for smaller creatures, learn about trees and plants, and examine tracks and signs of wildlife. Boat cruises and canoe excursions are a relaxing way to view the game that comes down to the river to drink and bathe, including huge pods of hippopotamus and large numbers of crocodile. Sunset drives reveal nocturnal species such as leopard, honey badger and porcupine. The big cats tend to be more active at night, and you may find yourself following lions on the hunt.

The Lower Zambezi has varying concentrations and species of wildlife, and the below chart helps to illustrate major wildlife sightings often experienced in the area. Other typical sightings may include roan antelope, puku, side-striped jackal, Nile crocodile and a number of other mammals, birds and reptiles. Exact sightings will depend on seasonality and wildlife movements.

Country Park/Reserve
Greater Kudu
Sable Antelope
Wild Dog
Zambia Lower Zambezi N.P.

Usually viewed
Frequently viewed
Occasionally viewed
Sporadically viewed
Rarely to never viewed

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Month Max Min Rainfall
January 77° F 68° F 8.27 in
25° C 20° C 210 mm
February 77° F 66° F 14.76 in
25° C 18° C 375 mm
March 77° F 66° F 9.21 in
25° C 18° C 234 mm
April 77° F 63° F 0.59 in
25° C 17° C 15 mm
May 73° F 55° F 0.2 in
22° C 12° C 5 mm
June 70° F 52° F 0.0 in
21° C 11° C 0 mm
July 70° F 50° F 0.0 in
21° C 10° C 0 mm
August 75° F 54° F 0.0 in
23° C 12° C 0 mm
September 82° F 63° F 0.0 in
27° C 17° C 0 mm
October 84° F 68° F 0.47 in
28° C 20° C 12 mm
November 82° F 68° F 6.73 in
27° C 20° C 171 mm
December 77° F 68° F 9.25 in
25° C 20° C 235 mm

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Photo: Conservation


Sausage Tree Camp supports Conservation Lower Zambezi, a non-governmental organization (NG0) that supports the Zambian Wildlife Authority and local communities to protect the wildlife and habitat of the Lower Zambezi National Park. With increasing poaching becoming a significant problem in the 1990s, concerned local safari operators and other stakeholders recognized a need for organized support for the National Parks and Wildlife Service (now ZAWA) protection operations in the Lower Zambezi area. Registered in Zambia as an NGO in 1995, Conservation Lower Zambezi began to assist ZAWA and the Chiawa community with conservation efforts. Since then, as well as providing support to ZAWA, they have saved numerous animals, including wild dogs, lions and elephants, by sedating them to remove potentially lethal wire snares.

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