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Travel to Botswana

Botswana is a year-round destination with two distinct seasons. The green, summer season lasts from about November to April and experiences the most rainfall, although it does not rain every day. Most days are sunny with afternoon thunderstorms. Water levels are lower in the delta during this time, and the dry desert areas become green. May is then a mostly dry but green month, great for photography. The dry, winter season stretches from June to October. During this time the Okavango Delta is in flood, water activities are possible in many camps, and the Kalahari Desert is stark and dry.

Average Temperature & Rainfall by Month

Month Max Min Rainfall
January 97° F 62° F 4.42 in
36° C 16° C 112 mm
February 90° F 61° F 3.61 in
32° C 16° C 92 mm
March 90° F 54° F 2.6 in
32° C 12° C 66 mm
April 87° F 51° F 0.92 in
30° C 10° C 23 mm
May 84° F 45° F 0.16 in
28° C 7° C 4 mm
June 83° F 32° F 0.05 in
28° C 0° C 1 mm
July 77° F 40° F 0.0 in
25° C 4° C 0 mm
August 81° F 45° F 0.0 in
27° C 7° C 0 mm
September 95° F 57° F 0.09 in
35° C 13° C 2 mm
October 99° F 59° F 0.79 in
37° C 15° C 20 mm
November 99° F 56° F 2.04 in
37° C 13° C 52 mm
December 101° F 64° F 3.44 in
38° C 17° C 87 mm

Major Wildlife Sightings

Botswana's dry winter season from June to September is the height of the elephant season in the Linyanti, where thousands of Chobe elephants migrate to the area, and the Okavango Delta is at its peak with predator viewing. The Makgadikgadi and Central Kalahari are best to visit in the green summer season between December and March, when antelopes migrates into these areas in search of fresh grasses, and predators follow. Birding in Botswana is also excellent during the green season. The below chart helps to illustrate major wildlife sightings often experienced in Botswana. Other typical sightings in Botswana include a number of antelopes, warthogs, baboons, many smaller mammals, a variety of birds and reptiles. Exact sightings will depend on your location and seasonality.

Gemsbok / Oryx
Greater Kudu
Sable Antelope
White Rhino
Wild Dog
Linyanti / Savuti Reserves
Makgadikgadi / Kalahari
Mashatu Game Reserve
Okavango Delta

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