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To experience the Great Migration as the herds thunder across the Maasai Mara is among the world’s most amazing wildlife encounters. Yet the Mara at any time of year is an incredible safari opportunity. To experience it far from tourist crowds takes it to a whole different level. That’s what Natural Habitat Mobile Camp, Maasai Mara makes possible. We follow the animals, not other Land Rovers. There’s no more authentic safari adventure!

Photo of Sarah Raby

Our Expert Says

My idea of a perfect African safari is hearing the sounds of the bush from my tent! This private mobile camp makes that possible, as these luxury tents are situated right in the midst of the migration route, allowing for the most intimate experience of one of the world's most amazing nature phenomena!

– Sarah Raby

Photo: The Camp

The Camp

Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve
Number of Tents: Private /Flexible

Important Note: We recommend this private camp for groups of four or more travelers. Pricing is based on a group of four travelers and will decrease slightly for larger groups.

To sleep beneath canvas in the bush, under a Milky Way so thick it looks like clouds, listening for the roar of lions in the distance…there’s no more iconic safari experience. Yet while a remote tented camp may evoke the classic ambience of old, it doesn’t mean you sacrifice modern-day comforts. The Natural Habitat Mobile Camp is a most refined way to experience the African wilderness. We place the camp in the best wildlife-viewing areas, where seclusion amid raw nature prevails. Inside the deluxe tents, however, you’ll find full beds with quality bedding and attached en suite bathrooms—surprising comfort and privacy—and your own veranda with director’s chairs out front, shaded beneath a canvas awning. Kerosene lanterns lend an atmospheric glow at night. Evenings in camp are magical, with dinner served on a white tablecloth under the stars, and nightcaps around a roaring fire. If you want a safari straight Out of Africa, look no further than our luxury mobile camp.

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Photo: Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

  • En suite bathroom with safari shower
  • Shampoo, soap, lotion and insect repellent
  • 220v charging outlets in main area
  • Laundry included
  • Local drinks included (house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • No air conditioning, hair dryer, telephone, or Internet

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Photo: Private Camp

Private Camp

Nat Hab's Private Mobile Camp is sold exclusively to one private group or family of 4-12 guests at one time. For guests seeking accommodation for smaller groups, we recommend considering a different camp that takes individual bookings.

Pricing is based on a minimum of 4 adults sharing.

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Photo: Wildlife Viewing & Activities

Wildlife Viewing & Activities

The Maasai Mara is legendary, and rightly so: perhaps Africa’s most famous safari destination, this vast tract of savanna in southwest Kenya is known for its great wildebeest migration, abundant lions and the rich culture of the Maasai people, traditional pastoral herders who have grazed cattle here for centuries. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is the northern part of Tanzania’s vast Serengeti ecosystem, centered on the Mara River, lifeline for the region. The reserve’s 580 square miles are home to nearly 100 species of mammals and 570 recorded bird species, making wildlife viewing here impressive at any time of year. The migration, of course, is incomparable, when nearly two million wildebeest, zebra and Thomson’s gazelle move in long, flowing columns across the plains toward the new grass that comes with the rains. There is also a chance to see the classic Big Five—elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. Cheetah, giraffe and varied antelope are also common sights.

The Maasai Mara is home to an abundance of resident wildlife year-round. The great migration of nearly two million wildebeest and zebra is at its peak between late July and early October, while the local Loita wildebeest migration typically arrives in June. Other typical sightings may include a number of antelopes, endemic birds and reptiles. Exact sightings will depend on rain patterns and wildlife movements.

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Black Rhino
Kenya Maasai Mara Nat'l Reserve

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Month Max Min Rainfall
January 75° F 55° F 0.55 in
23° C 12° C 14 mm
February 79° F 54° F 1.65 in
26° C 12° C 42 mm
March 79° F 55° F 2.87 in
26° C 12° C 73 mm
April 77° F 59° F 5.0 in
25° C 15° C 127 mm
May 75° F 57° F 5.98 in
23° C 13° C 152 mm
June 72° F 54° F 4.25 in
22° C 12° C 108 mm
July 73° F 54° F 5.55 in
22° C 12° C 141 mm
August 73° F 54° F 6.42 in
22° C 12° C 163 mm
September 77° F 55° F 4.09 in
25° C 12° C 104 mm
October 79° F 57° F 3.31 in
26° C 13° C 84 mm
November 73° F 57° F 2.2 in
22° C 13° C 56 mm
December 73° F 54° F 1.1 in
22° C 12° C 28 mm

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Photo: Conservation


Conservation of wildlife and the environment in Africa never happens apart from the people who live in and near fragile areas that need protection. In addition to supporting communities by virtue of our safaris, which offer direct economic benefit through our hiring of local staff and the purchase of local goods and supplies in the communities proximate to where we travel, Natural Habitat Camp, Maasai Mara also supports other regional projects including The Nest in Nairobi—a project for rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of orphans and children of imprisoned mothers, and the Mpopongi Primary School in the Mara. Talk to us about opportunities to arrange a visit to either of these places, to see our support in action. A safari in Africa is always about more than wildlife, and a chance to meet local people, learn about their culture and ‘give back’ is always a highlight.

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Reviews for Nat Hab's Mobile Camp


Review Nat Hab's Mobile Camp
Month of travel: September
"I love safaris and have been on several, in the end, this camp still sits at the top of my list. I still remember waking up to wash my face in the basin outside my tent, with views of the Mara river right in front of me and hot air balloons passing silently overhead...dreamy! Since we were inside the park, we also got a jump on the other vehicles and were some of the first to get to the crossing location. I had always wanted to see a crossing and our guide was patient and we had a wonderful experience. The photographers in our group got some great shots!"
- G. Runte
Month of travel: August
"I had been to Kenya 30 years ago and was worried about coming back and seeing throngs of people. Therefore, I decided the best approach was to plan our time in this "mobile" camp. The camp was set up in a perfect location, no one was nearby and I felt the same way I did on my previous trip. We even had lions in camp, a pride of 17 as well as elephant and giraffe. The staff was amazing, super attentive and the food was so delicious, I was amazed what they could cook over an open fire. This is totally the way to go if you want to have the most genuine safari experience, I am so glad we did."
- C. Kohler
Month of travel: September
"Bush elegance at its best! It has changed the way we thought about camping forever. It was like someone took all the contemporary style and comforts from a 5 star hotel and dropped it in the bush. Being that close to the wildlife was an amazing experience for the whole family and a game drive away from the Great Migration was unbelievable. Highly recommended."
- H. Heathcote

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